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This is us! The women behind HelloWoman Creations

Let's meet HelloWoman Founder :
Martie Truter
Martie Truter - Owner and Founder of Hello Woman

We are women. We are wonderfully and exquisitely made. I believe that all of us are uniquely beautiful, as beauty truly does come from within. The art of make-up gives us the opportunity to enhance our already exceptional features that makes us unique. I have always had a great love for all things pretty, for attention to detail, for striving to the ultimate perfection, for creating. The art of make-up offers me the foundation to achieve exactly that. Every face is a new opportunity to create, to enhance, to make a difference.

My name is Martie. I am the founder and owner of HelloWoman Creations (Pty) Ltd. I am a business woman, a professional make-up artist, photographer and lash technician, taking pride in precision and quality.

I have been blessed to be involved in various high-end productions in our country, for instance to name a few: TopModelSA, ApprentessesSA, Dr. Nou, Vat Jou Goed en Trek, Fiks of Niks, Trots Afrikaans’ Jou ma se kas, and Bloss Magazine Matric dress of the year.

I am a multi Internationally awarded Make-up Artist. My work has been recognised to compete as a Finalist in the Top Vendor Wedding awards on various occasions, the most prestigious wedding awards in Africa. My work featured in various top name national bridal magazines, on billboards, television and music videos. One of my biggest career highlights thus far, and something I am tremendously proud of: I was chosen as the preferred make-up artist of the Bruidsgids 2020 and Bruidsgids 2022 Cover Faces, the leading and biggest bridal magazine in our country.

I took a leap of faith and opened the HelloWoman Beauty Hub in April 2021. My dream and hope is that every woman (and man) that walks through our doors, experience a service and result-driven treatment of utmost excellence, but more so receive the water needed growing for their seeds of self care and self acceptance.

As RUMI once said: “let the beauty of what you love be what you do.” This is my passion! Striving to leave a little light, lots of love and a positive footprint in this perfectly imperfect world we live in whilst leaving women (and men) all over feeling empowered and able to embrace their uniqueness.

I would love to meet you! Get in contact. Remember: Make-up is art, skin care the foundation. But true beauty is spirit! Own it…

Love, Martie 

She has a way with words, red lipstick, and making an entrance
Kate Spade

At HelloWoman, we take pride in being more than just a beauty salon; we are a community of compassionate, kind-hearted, and loving women who truly empathize with and comprehend the unique needs of each woman who walks through our doors. Our team of dedicated professionals is not only skilled in their craft but also deeply committed to making every client's experience exceptional.


We, the exceptional ladies at HelloWoman are not just skilled professionals; we are true experts in our respective fields. Our team is dedicated to staying at the forefront of the beauty and wellness industry, which is why we prioritize ongoing training and continuously seek out innovative methods and treatments. Our collective passion for excellence drives us to excel in every aspect of our work, providing you with top-notch care and transformative experiences that enhance your beauty and well-being.


We offer a wholesome haven where every decision is made with your best interests at heart. From our expert services to our welcoming atmosphere, we are dedicated to providing a nurturing and satisfying beauty experience that uplifts and enhances your well-being. Your happiness and confidence are our top priorities, and we are committed to helping you look and feel your best.

Meet the team

Tanya Oelofse

Somatologist at HelloWoman Creations

Tanya is an Internationally accredited Somatologist, with a passion for skin!  She is friendly and kind, yet professional with extensive knowledge in her field.  Tanya offers a vast number of beauty services, like derma-cosmeceutical facials, microneedling, dermaplaning, waxing, permanent hair removal, skin tightening, pigmentation and acne treatments, to mention a few.  She also has a great interest in product ingredients and the benefit it holds, and provides accurate product recommendations.  The answer to your perfect skin!

Shannon Heyns

Shannon Heyns – Owner of Beauty360
Owner of Beauty360

Shannon is an Advanced Intradermal practitioner that qualified in 2014.  She is incredibly passionate about her work and being able to help women look and feel more confident – a perfect fit as part of the HelloWoman Hub.  Shannon was awarded her Masters in 2017, and she uses the latest Nano digital technology and medical grade anaesthetics, ensuring her work is of top quality and mostly painless.  Shannon offers permanent make-up in the forms of Microbladed, Hybrid and Nano-shaded Brows, full Eyeliner / designer Eyeliner, Full Lip Tint / Lip liner and lip enhancement, as well as dark lip colour correction.  Shannon also specialises in Tattoo removal, Scar revision, Microneedling and Lash Extensions.

Arne De Villiers

Owner of NailTalk by Arne

Arne is a Master Nail Technician, who has always been passionate about beauty and nails.  She started her career in the nail industry  twelve years ago, and specialises in both Nele Naturale and Acrylic nail systems.  She is also a qualified masseuse.  Arne filled the role of Educator at Nele Training Academy for almost two years, providing training on levels Novice, Conversion, E-file and Ombre.  Arne is currently an independent Educator between servicing clients, passionate about all things nails, and also believes in the upliftment of women – a perfect fit for HelloWoman, and what we stand for.

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